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Aim Botz :(( - latest - Updated Jan 2002  

New Files : Latest ElfBot & Patch >> ;

After playing on a Barry's World server and being subjected to two 'Aimbotz', I thought I would hunt some down, test and then publish the results. So far I have tested two, these highlighting some interesting points. The 'Aimbotz' will be available for download soon. I stress "Please do not use them as a 'cheat'". The files will be available for educational purposes only and

to help others spot people cheating.  If you cheat, you are cheating not only yourself, but your fellow fraggers and ultimately bringing the game into disrepute.

Update - Tobot - I found that if using xDSL, your opponents don't stand a chance (even detects crouching!). But If one is playing on a 56k modem (instagib death match), against worthy opponents, it can be better to play without the aimbot. The reason for this is that by the time your shot/frag attempt leaves your player, your opponent has moved (bloody 56k modems :(( ). Therefore it is better to anticipate your opponents moves! Anyway here's the zipped files!

Update - Elfbot - This particular aim is the best for non-detection (slow turning) and even has lag compensation. amazingly high FsPH are easily obtainable using a 56k modem!! CSHP4 cannot detect it!!!!

Launch! - Welcome to Unreal Systems...............

Welcome to Unreal Systems...............Rather than have a site under construction banner, I thought it be better to stick it straight up here! Currently the site includes a few Skins, Voice Packs, Maps, Bonus Packs and some other files. I'm hoping the site will dramatically grow in size and content incorporating many more files, a site search facility, forums and so on.

I propose to update this site monthly with mainly new files and news. Any files (Skins, Maps etc) you wish to submit are welcome and I would appreciate any positive feedback and suggestions anybody can give me in terms of design and content.


Malicious mail shall be tracked and dealt with accordingly.................Sorry for rattling on, I hope you can make use of and enjoy this site:))


Downloads fixed

The problem with file downloads has now been sorted, but you may need to use WinAce to extract a couple of the files

Happy Fragging:))