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UT Skins

Welcome to the skins section of Unreal Systems. Currently there are only a few skins hosted here, but this is expected to grow significantly over the coming months ( that is if I can fit it in with all my Uni work! ).


Battle Suit Neo

This is the Battle Suit by Neo, recently voted 99% by UTSkins. Out of the skins I have listed, this seems by far to be the best. The skin supports all team colours with the screen shot showing the red team.


Again, this skin supports all team colors. The screen shot shows an example with no team colour selected.

Blade (Hard Cop)

Hmmm.......Not sure about this one, I'm not overcome by its design, but I belive it supports all team colors. Try it and see what you think.


A skin designed using textures from different skins with some modification, originally designed for a friend!